As the school year is starting Snowbots is looking for new members to join.  We welcome anyone who commits to the club.  We know that some prospective members may feel that at the beginning of university they won’t have any useful skills. I can tell you that this is wrong. I joined Snowbots in the first year of university. At first it was true that I didn’t know much, but being in Snowbots taught me what I needed to know to be useful.  I ended up putting everything outside of the computer together for our winning robot from the modifications on the rc car to house our sensors to the microcontroller code.  Now I’m the Head of the mechanical design in Snowbots and can tell you that all you need is a strong interest in robotics to be a useful member of the team.

So if you would like to join Snowbots I ask you to fill out the form below.  Our meetings are on Saturdays from 10-2 and we will be taking part in an open house showcasing some of UBC’s amazing student teams where you can learn more about us.

signup sheet