Snowbots is a UBC student team that makes autonomous racing robots. We compete in the robot racing completion held every year during the summer. We won the 2010 Robot Racing competition in Windsor Ontario and are hoping to defend our title at this year’s competition which we hope will be at UBC.

We took two robots this year to Windsor, Blizzard and Oscar Jr and our recruitment goal for this year is to recruit enough people for 4-5 vehicles with 2-3 people per vehicle. With the amazing turnout on Imagine Day I am sure we will meet our goals and it will be an exciting year for snowbots.

We have our weekly meeting from 10 AM – 2 PM every Saturday and pizza arrives at around 12:30. Depending on the number of people, pizza normally costs each of us only a couple of dollars because of our sponsorship with Domino’s Pizza. We are currently meeting in Kaiser main atrium.

Kaiser is normally locked on weekends but CEME (Civil and Mechanical Engineering) is unlocked or you can bang on the door or call/email us to be let in. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you again for coming out on imagine day and I hope to see you all on Saturday morning.


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