Out of the six Snowbots members that competed in the 2010 robot racing competition five have continued with the team, Ian having graduated left to pursue his career after university. In preparation for the coming year we sat down and defined what roles that we would take in the coming year. every year our team gains an influx of new members in the new year, and we needed to be prepare to handle the new members and help them get a footing in the realm of robotics. All of the Snowbot executives perform vital roles other then the ones listed here and our robots oscar Jr. and Blizzard would be nowhere with out them.

Navid- Leader

Navid is a second year electrical engineering student. As the head of Snowbots Navid works on insuring that we do not get distracted by all the cool things that we could do but don’t have the time for. Later this year he will select the concepts and strategies that Snowbots will use in the 2011 competition.


Mark is a third year computer engineering student. As treasurer, Mark is in charge of the club’s finances to ensure that we have enough money to buy cool stuff but making sure we do not bankrupt the club. This year, he will be working on GUI of our software so that it would be easier to debug any software problems.

Jeremy-web designer

After showing us his graphics design prowess Jeremy was chosen to work on designing and maintaining a new website to represent Snowbots on the Internet. so hopfully he will have that up in the near future.

Nick-Software lead

Nick is a third year computer engineering student who made most of the navigation software for our winning robot this summer. He worked very closely with Jarek to merge the software and hardware components. As software lead he will have the largest influence on how our robots will turn out in 2011 and has a lot on his plate working out how to improve the code and move to up and coming technologies.

Jarek-Hardware lead

Jarek is a second year mechanical engineering student who will be responsible for the fleet of robots Snowbots will be competing with in 2011. Last year he designed and built the Blizzard chassis while working with Nick to insure that the robot’s computer could easily control the robot’s microcontroller. This year he hopes to help new members take design the robot hardware while insuring that the hardware improves to a level that better demonstrates the software’s capability. Jarek has a tendency to get easily distracted by weird, random and cool toys.